The submission guidelines have changed.

The August 15 deadline for the fourth and final reading period for the initial publication passed, and the guidelines to submit to Nobody’s Home have changed. The editor is currently reading and selecting works submitted between May 16 and August 15, 2021. Those writers will receive responses on or about September 1, and accepted works will be published later in September.

However, opportunities to contribute to Nobody’s Home have not ended altogether. The editor will continue to read and consider reviews of books and films as well as transcribed interviews for the anthology. Reviewers and interviewers who are interested in that opportunity should read the guidelines and query first. 

Also, while the editor will produce and supply lesson plans for all of the works published in the anthology, teachers are also welcome to submit their lesson plans that involve the study of beliefs, myths, and narratives in the modern South. Those who are interested in that opportunity should visit the For Teachers page to learn more.

Finally, an open submissions period will open again from April 15 until June 15, and accepted works from that period will be added to the anthology in August. Please note that general creative nonfiction queries will not be accepted until April 15, 2022. 

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