Editor’s Reading List

The Editor’s Reading List, a work-in-progress:

(The blue, bold titles are completed, while the titles below them are forthcoming.)

The South Never Plays Itself by Ben Beard (2020)

Cathedrals of Kudzu by Hal Crowther (2000)

Myth and Southern History, Volume 2: The New South, edited by Patrick Gerster and Nicholas Cords (1989)

A Movement of the People by Katie Lamar Jackson (2017)

South to a New Place, edited by Suzanne W. Jones and Sharon Monteith (2002) 

The Countercultural South by Jack Temple Kirby (1995)

Media-Made Dixie by Jack Temple Kirby (1986)

The Two-Party South by Alexander P. Lamis (1984)

The Silent Majority by Matthew Lassiter (2007)

Heritage and Hate by Stephen M. Monroe (2021)

The Omni-Americans by Albert Murray (1970)

Outside the Southern Myth by Noel Polk (1997)

One South by John Shelton Reed (1982)

The Presence of the Past by Roy Rosenzweig (2001)

Myth, Media, and the Southern Mind by Stephen A. Smith (1986)

Judgment & Grace in Dixie by Charles Reagan Wilson (1995)

The Politics of White Rights by Joseph Bagley (2018)

Biracial Politics by Chandler Davidson (1972)

Coming in June 2023: South to a Very Old Place by Albert Murray (1971)

The South of the Mind by Zachary J. Lechner (2018)

Navigating Souths, edited by Michele Grigsby Coffey and Jodi Skipper (2020)

Red State, Blue State, Rich State, Poor State by Andrew Gelman, et al. (2008)

Framing the South by Allison Graham (2001)

Southern Politics in the 1990s by Alexander P. Lamis (1999)

The Myth of Southern Exceptionalism by Matthew Lassiter and Joseph Crespino (2010)

Getting Right with God by Mark Newman (2001)

South to America by Imani Perry (2022)

In Search of the Silent South by Morton Sosna (1977)

Deep South by Paul Theroux (2015)